Wednesday, January 18, 2012

As I Reflect....Blessings From Suffering?

I mentioned in a previous post.. that our everyday inconveniences and disappointments in life can be thought of as building our muscle for the greater sufferings we may experience in life. 
My dear dad suffered with and passed away from cancer years ago.   For my siblings and brought our family closer together.  We were all married with families of our own and a few of my siblings lived out of state.  We pulled together to be there for my mom and my dad.  For a few months there wasn't a night that my dad had to spend alone.  For my mom it gave her a chance to get a better nights rest.  
A little over a year suddenly became ill and she had to be hospitalized for 10 days. Although...we were hoping for a better outcome for her... it wasn't God's plan.  It was God's plan for my siblings and I to come together again.  We were concerned for her, scared for her, hopeful for her, scared again for her and finally having to let go and mourn her. 
I had the humbling experience of being with both of my parent's when they faded from this life into the next.   As I reflect back...I see now... it was through their suffering and my grieving for them that has enabled me to embrace our Savior on the Cross.  I am blessed. 


Victor S E Moubarak said...

I am praying for your parents and for you and your family.

God bless.

Doreen said...

What an uplifting post! Last year I lost my Mum and father-in-law, both very dear persons in my life...your outlook is so very positive, we too somehow saw blessings when they were gone especially that they did not have to suffer for too long. Thanks for sharing : )