Saturday, May 12, 2012

10,000 Angels To Light My Way Home

I wrote this post a while back and I'd like to share it with you in honor of my sweet mom. 

Mom's angel she had displayed in her front yard. Now it's in my yard.

While watching EWTN one evening...I heard a story about a woman. Monetarily...she had nothing. She lived in a home with dirt floors but she was rich in her faith. Upon her death....she was unable to leave money or assets to her children but she left them the greatest gift of all. Her faith.

   I received a Catholic education and the
Sacraments. Most of my life I've attended mass on a regular basis. I considered myself a practicing Catholic or so I thought. I was going through the motions and pretty much it stopped there. mother passed away...I've started a journey. I pray this spiritual journey will last for the rest of my life. This question was asked of me once.  If you don't know Jesus...then how can you love him?   I'm hopeful and excited that with perseverance through prayer, Sacred Scripture study, learning about the saints, practicing the Sacraments...regularly receiving the Holy Eucharist ...I'll come to better know our Father by strengthening my relationship with him.

Did you know the saints had struggles of their own? That's the wonderful thing about sainthood. God uses their lives as examples for us. Even with their human shortcomings and trials .....they still became saints and we're inspired by them. My Catholic faith challenges us all to become saints.

My mom didn't force her religious beliefs on to anyone but she was there to discuss them if you wanted to. I wish...I was at the same place in my faith journey when she was a live as I am now. What opportunities I missed for some lovely conversation with her. What I could have learned!

I'm blessed to have her bible though. As I read through it ....I can see parts of Scripture that she highlighted and drew stars around. I sometimes feel uncomfortable....that I'm trespassing into what were her inner most personal thoughts, struggles and joys in her journey with Christ but maybe that's His plan. Maybe...with those bookmarked pages and highlighted words of Scripture...she's accompanying me on my journey.
I can choose to believe this or not. I choose to believe. A gift of faith. ~Amy

10,000 angels with lanterns to light my way back home.
Will you be glad if I come back home?
Long time I've been away.
Is it true?
Can I come back today?
~Aaron Thompson

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Calling All Saints

Don't be concerned about how many letters you have after your name.  Strive for only two letters at the beginning of your name.  They are St.
~Mother Angelica

This world is a saint making machine.  This is how God designed it.  It's the only way to make sense of all the vanity...futility...pain and all of the senseless suffering in this world.  It's to forge God's children to become saints.  The crisis today in the Church is not politics...economics or national interest.  It is the crisis of the lack of saints.  If Christ is the sacrament of God and the Church is the sacrament of Christ...the saint is the living sacrament of what the Church is in its true identity.  We must become a living sacrament in the world that convinces the world that Jesus Christ is alive within his body.
~Scott Hahn 

The word "saint" literally means "holy," and, in the New Testament, "saint" referred to all who believed in Jesus Christ and followed his teachings.

Everyone asks themselves the question:  Who am I and why am I do I find myself.
In holiness we find real harmony between our self and God. not some sort of self made is the union with the body of Christ.  Anyone who gains new life this way finds himself and becomes holy.

We are all called to be saints!
~Mother Angelica

Celebrate all the saints!
All the people in heaven are saints.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's better to serve than to be served.

When we serve others....God gives us....

Jesus...serve Jesus first
Others...serve others second
Yourself...serve yourself last