Monday, December 3, 2012


Today while waiting in line at the store... I started to chat with a women holding a newborn infant.  The beautiful baby was only 14 days old.  As the conversation progressed... she mentioned to me that she was a foster mother to this child.  In fact... it was her first foster child.  In the beginning... the baby did go through withdrawals but he seemed to get through them OK with the help of medication.   In a casual way....this foster mother said that the baby and her were just enjoying time together until his mother finds her way.  I couldn't help but to thank this women for taking this child in and loving him while his mother worked things out.  What a selfless act of love for another human being.   No sooner than waving good bye to her (within seconds)... I was behind a woman walking slowly that apparently had cancer.  I went to my car where I had a rosary.  I wanted to give it to her and let her know that I'd pray for her.   By the time I grabbed the rosary...I couldn't find her anymore.  Once again... God humbles me and reminds me to be grateful for what I have.  So many people are struggling out there.  So many.