Monday, November 26, 2012


Thank you dear Maryellen from Grandma's Musings  for nominating me for the Lumen Christi Award.  I'm honored.  I'm sorry for the delay in accepting your nomination.  Well here we go.....

There are three rules if you accept this award. You need to do these things:

(1) Name your favorite saint and why
(2) Name your favorite part of the Mass, and why
(3) Name your favorite thing about being a Catholic

1-  I have many favorite saints!  I would say Saint Gianna (10/4/22 - 4/28/62) is a saint that is dear to my heart.  She was a successful physician.  She believed the purpose for having children was to teach them to love and serve Christ in a culture where importance of looking good...having beautiful possessions and being financially successful was prevalent.  Even though she was a mother of three she stilled worked as a doctor.  She once said 'Whoever touches the body of a patient touches the body of Christ.'   When she became pregnant with her fourth child she and her husband decided that she would quit practicing and devote her time to raising her children.  However during her pregnancy she was diagnosed with cancer.  Her doctors urged her to take measures that ...while possibly saving her... would also result in the death of her growing baby.  Gianna refused.  She did deliver the baby but she died from complications within days afterwards.  Gianna was the first married woman of the modern era  to be declared a saint.  I pray to her for guidance in raising my children...for help in keeping God first in my life and for the end of abortion.

2-  The words of consecration is my favorite part of the Mass. Why?  During the mass when the priest transforms the gifts of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. It is heaven on earth.    I visualize myself sitting in the upper room with Jesus... as He says those same words to me.... as He said during the Last Supper. 

3-  My favorite part of being Catholic are to many to just pinpoint one favorite but I'll try to keep it short. 

I love the mass.   I'll admit at times my attention has fallen short but there have been times in my life when I would not have wanted to be any where else.  I've been inspired and have felt His presence there.  I have found clarity from participating in the mass and I have drawn faith from those times. 

The Catholic Church is not American and She goes back to the days of Christ.  She's rich in tradition. 

The Church teaches us that there is meaning to suffering. 

We are in communion with the saints and we pray for the dead.  

As a Catholic I can travel anywhere in the world and there is a Catholic church nearby.   On any given day I can attend mass...the liturgy is universal and I can receive the Holy Eucharist. 

I love the bells, smells, art and music of the Cathoic Church.  It is all beautiful inspiration and  created by faithful people.

I can go to confession and feel 10lbs. lighter!  

In turn, I nominate the following wonderful bloggers:

1.  Nancy of The Breadbox Letters

2.  Jenna of Caring Catholic Convert

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Nancy Shuman said...

What a surprise!! O my, thank you SO much for your nomination. I will look back over the "requirements," and accept gratefully.

For once, I might be speechless.

Monica Blazejack said...

Thank you for nominating me Amy. It is so thoughtful of you :-)

Maryellen said...

I enjoyed reading your answers, and discovered blogs I hadn't found before.