Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Journey

Summer morning walk in Saratoga State Park

During these next 40 days we're asked to fast so we can be filled up spiritually.  It's a time to build my spiritual muscle.  On my journey...I hope to set aside extra quite time each day... enabling me to pray more...attend daily mass more... attend adoration... more reading of scripture...and receiving the sacraments regularly.  If I fall short from time to time...I'll try not to feel discourgaed but I'll continue my journey.   For's all about getting closer to Christ and feeling His presence.       


Annie said...

Dear Whispers,

I join you in your efforts. This season I will be reading, writing, and reflecting more.

May the Grace of God be with you,

momto8 said...

happy lent! and what a great concept!

Doreen said...

Thanks for your encouraging and enlightening words.