Monday, February 13, 2012

US Catholic Church...How many Catholics vs. priests, nuns and deacons through out history?

This year our parish is celebrating its 150th anniversary.  Last part of the celebration....  Father talked about the history of the Catholic church in America.  One of the topics he touched on was the number of Catholics vs. priests, sisters and deacons though out our nations history.  I find his stats interesting.  It's clear to see that the lay are becoming a greater presence in the church.  Here's a quick look.  With European immigrants flooding in to the US....the Catholic population surged from 1850's - 1920's.  A record number of Catholics enlisted during WWII and after the war they took advantage of the GI Bill.  They became more educated and moved out to the suburbs.  President Kennedy was elected as the first Catholic President signifying the acceptance of Catholics.  Around 1965 the Catholic population blossomed and then started to slow down.

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momto8 said...

so interesting!! We pray for religious almost everyday,,no priest, no Eucharist!