Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Jesus was in prayer when choosing His apostles.  It's amazing to think that he chose Judas and Peter as His apostles.  After all...Judas and Peter had betrayed him.  The clergy in the Church that had contributed to the Church scandals had Judas and Peter in them too but in contrast...Jesus made Peter head of His Church.  As horrible as these scandals are...they should not take away from our Holy Mother Church.  We're all given free will and we all have some Judas in us.  

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Monica said...

I heard a priest say some time ago that what is happening with these church scandals being exposed is a good thing because it allows to the Church to be cleansed. The Church suffers as Christ suffered. The Church will be resurrected also as Christ was resurrected. And I guess it is the same for each one of us, too.