Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Feast Day Of St. Joseph & The Installation of Pope Frances

There is not a word from Joseph in Scripture.  Although, actions of his life are recorded.
He taught Jesus a trade and how to behave.  He was chosen to care for Jesus and Mary.  He was an example to his son on how to love and respect.  Joseph was humble and God's obedient helper.  He always did God's will, no matter how hard it was or what others thought.  You can also pray for St. Joseph's intercession for a happy death.  He must have been comforted by Jesus and Mary in his passing.
My dad's name is Joseph and he was born in March.  I was blessed to have him as my father and I hope other father's can take the time to learn about St. Joseph and imitate him in their child rearing.
Monica from Little Jesus and Me explains a beautiful custom for St. Joseph. 
Today was the installation of Pope Frances.  
In his homily at his installation mass he said:
 "We must not be afraid of goodness, of tenderness!"
After mass he greets the faithful. 
He also greets the disabled.
He's an example of tenderness and goodness.

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Monica said...

Thank you for your post on Saint Joseph! God Bless Pope Francis!