Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Best Days Are A Head Of Me

I'm a Catholic.  It's as much a part of me as I am a woman, mother, wife, daughter, sibling, friend, American with Polish ethnicity.  It is who I am.  I never could think of myself any other way.  Yes..there was an extended time in my life where I strayed away from the Church but I always considered myself a Catholic.  As I grew older... I felt the need... not to just consider myself a Catholic but I wanted to understand Catholicism.  Through out my life I've heard so much negativity about the Church.  I wanted to understand Her from it's beginning and this led me to snoop around to as early as the first century and learn about The Early Church Fathers.  The pieces of the puzzle finally started to fit together.  I've been inspired to persevere and to learn through the teaching of tradition, scripture, Catholic TV, Catholic Radio, movies, books, the saints and conversion stories.  I love conversion and reversion stories. They're about people that take it upon themselves to learn the truth.  Ultimately this leads them to Catholicism compared to those that don't take the time to learn about this rich, beautiful and ancient faith but are sure to have an opinion on it.  One of my favorite conversion stories is about a former Pentecostal Minister named Alex Jones and how he found his way to the Catholic Church. It would take a bold move for him to convert to Catholicism and he'd have a lot to lose. He could not resist his quest for truth though and the Church is now blessed to have him as a member, Evangelist and Deacon.  Below are videos of his conversion story... he describes ...through his reading of The Early Church Fathers how Catholic the early Church was.  The conversion story of Alex Jones is comprised of 5 videos so you can watch all or parts of his story at your convenience.  
As for me...this life of mine will not get any easier the older I get but seeking the truth will ensure my best days are a head of me.                                 



Monica said...

Oh MY! What a powerful testimony! Thanks for sharing Alex Jones' testimony!

Do Not Be Anxious said...

Haven't listened to the entire Jones conversion story, but I know of it. There are many of the same ilk. The Coming Home Network on EWTN has wonderful stories; my parish priest appeared on it. My parish in Ann Arbor, Michigan has so many wonderful converts; they are a great inspiration and blessing.

I am a huge reader and, I guess, a "re-vert" to the Catholic faith. I've read the Church fathers, and they made me wonder at the consistency of the faith. I've read Augustine, Acquinas, and Peiper. Through the ages, there are many who explain the faith well, and strengthen mine.

I'm happy when I read of others so inclined to know more, knowing we will never know it all --- here.

Annmarie Pipa said...

I have never heard of Alex Jones. but i do follow Scott Han
and his conversion was also brought about by reading the early church fathers. I read the book 4 witnesses, a little while ago..about the early church..i very much enjoyed that book.
happy day!!!