Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick

I'll be celebrating St. Patricks day today with a wee bit of guiness. 

Aunty Lena's Pub

St. Patrick was from Britain.  When he was a young teenager...he was captured by Irish raiders and sent to Ireland where he worked as a slave. He prayed everyday that he'd eventually be set free and be able to get back home. 5 years later he escaped and sailed back to Britain. After receiving an education he returned back to Ireland.... where he became an apostle to Ireland. He was credited to bringing Christianity there.

Then the Lord opened my mind and senses to the nature of my unbelief so that I may-however late-remember my sins and turn with all my heart to the Lord my God.  He turned His attention to my abject humility and took pity on my youth and ignorance.  He watched over me and protected me before I knew Him and before I was wise enough to distinguish between good and evil.  He strengthened and comforted me as a father consoles a son. 

~St. Patrick of Ireland


GrandmaK said...

Thank you for visiting and wishing you a glorious day!!! Cathy

Monica B said...

I love it! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!